Citizen frontman Mat Kerekes has announced a new solo album, Nova, which features drums by Daniel Fang of Citizen's recent tourmates Turnstile, who Mat says "really gave a new life" to the songs, and it also includes a song called "Daniel Fang" which is actually a nine-second drum solo by Daniel. "I thought it was funny, so I put it on the record," Mat said.

The album comes out August 5 via Wax Bodega (pre-order), and Mat just released lead single "Danger." It's more on the jangle pop side than Citizen, but still with a punk edge thanks to Mat's vocal style and Daniel's forceful drumming. (In fact, it's a little like Angel Du$t, the punk-turned-jangle-pop band that Daniel also drums in.) "As one of the first tracks written for Nova, it kind of sparked the entire writing process and lit the fire that I needed to write an album," Mat says. "The subject matter touches on not feeling heard or seen by someone you once looked up to."

Mat also released an acoustic version of "Danger." Check out both below.

In related news, we just launched an exclusive white/yellow splatter vinyl variant of Citizen's classic 2013 debut album Youth. Get yours while they last.

Mat Kerekes Nova

1. Introducing...
2. Danger
3. Look, I’m A Famous Actor
4. And It Might’ve Been
5. Daniel Fang
6. Art Of Living
7. The Cool Kids
8. Parachute
9. Honky Tonk
10. Six Twenty
11. You’ll Be Selling Out Theaters
12. Farewell, Frankenstein

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