Citizen were everywhere this year. They put out a deluxe edition of their great 2021 album Life In Your Glass World, they put out the awesome non-album single "Bash Out," and they did so much touring. I caught them opening for both Turnstile and Joyce Manor in NYC, and they tore it up both times. (And on top of all that, Citizen vocalist Mat Kerekes released his new solo album Nova.)

With 2022 coming to a close, we asked guitarist Nick Hamm what his favorite albums of the year were, and he made us a list that includes Big Thief, Alex G, Syndrome 81, Crack Cloud, Viagra Boys, and more, with commentary on each pick. Read on for his list...

Big Thief - Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You
It’s a total masterpiece and their best record yet. Long and sprawling and varied, with unreal performances. A lot here that makes me jealous as a songwriter.

Alex G - God Save the Animals
The year Alex is having is no surprise. What a record. Never been disappointed by Alex G and I don’t expect to be any time soon.

Crack Cloud - Tough Baby
Totally wild band that are so locked in to one another that it’s almost intimidating. I love them and I hope they become legends.

Double Virgo - Eros in the Bunker
I love this EP from this newer UK band. Released on PLZ Make it Ruins which I think is one of the more exciting current labels. This style is well traveled territory but especially with Vegyn’s production, it just shines in a different and better way.

Michael Hurley - The Time of the Foxgloves
Okay technically dropped in 2021 but I’m including anyway. I love Michael Hurley and to release an album this good at his age…beautiful.

Syndrome 81 - Prisons imaginaires
When we toured with Restraining Order, they put us on to this record. French punk but far beyond that in scope.

Gee Tee - Rock Phone
Just a few tracks but they’re great. “Someone Else” is an egg punk classic.

John Keek - Do You Love John Keek?
Yes I do!

Viagra Boys - Cave World
They got right to work on this one and I’m happy they did! For the monkes in all of us.

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