City Morgue is the duo of ZillaKami and SosMula, two NYC rappers who have been leaving their mark on the genre (and defying it) for the past couple years, both together and separately (ZillaKami has especially been on the rise, thanks in part to his association with Denzel Curry and the controversial 6ix9ine). They put rap, punk, metal, and horror in a blender and come out with something truly shocking and confrontational that's impossible to turn away from. Their videos are so full of realistic hard drug use and assault weapons that MTV wouldn't have aired them in a million years (and even on YouTube some parts are blurred out), and their music is like Marilyn Manson meets Gravediggaz meets Slipknot but somehow even darker and more brutal than that description might make you think. They recently dropped their CITY MORGUE VOL 1: HELL OR HIGH WATER mixtape (complete with album artwork that looks like Full Metal Jacket meets The Shining meets Stranger Things), and if you've read this far, you should stream it and watch a couple of their videos below.

They've got some tour dates coming up, including shows opening for both Denzel Curry and fellow rap/metal blender Ghostmane, as well as a headlining hometown show at Brooklyn metal bar Saint Vitus on November 19 (tickets). All known dates are listed below.

Meanwhile, ZillaKami and Denzel Curry are both on the new Powers Pleasant song "Please Forgive," which came out last week. ZillaKami also has a verse on Denzel's great 2018 album TA13OO.

City Morgue -- 2018 Tour Dates
OCT 24 Mesa, AZ Club Red*
OCT 27 Detroit, MI Saint Andrew's Hall^
OCT 28 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall^
NOV 03 ComplexCon Long Beach, CA
NOV 19 Brooklyn, NY Saint Vitus

* - w/ Denzel Curry
^ - w/ Ghostmane

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