Seattle hardcore trio City of Industry have been on the rise since releasing their debut EP in late 2017, and they're now set to release Conspire Conspire Conspire -- their second full-length -- on September 27 via Amerikan Aesthetics. It was recorded by Terry Paulson and mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley, who also works with Deafheaven, Gouge Away, and more. If you like those bands (or Touche Amore or Modern Life Is War or other stuff in that realm), you'll probably like Conspire Conspire Conspire too, and you can get a taste of it from new single "Hold Me Like A Grudge." Founding member/core songwriter Ossa Humiliata tells us, "I see it as a sort of love song. Lyrically, I meant it to be an honest, self-deprecating look at the dichotomy of marriage, with me cast as the villain. Two individuals coming together as one means two egos colliding to slowly and painfully create what is to be their own joint kingdom and homestead. It's a beautiful and grievous struggle." It's a ripper, and it premieres below.

1. Oppressive Like Thunder
2. The Best Of You
3. Animal Pharm
4. Conspire Conspire Conspire
5. Sojourner
6. Hold Me Like A Grudge
7. Spite Me
8. When I Was A Child I Wanted Scars
9. As The Moon Follows
10. To Feed The Trees

City of Industry -- 2019 Tour Dates
9/27/2019 Waterfront Tavern – Bellingham, WA
9/28/2019 The Kraken – Seattle, WA
10/04/2019 Hawthorne Hideaway – Portland, OR
10/05/2019 TBA – Eugene, OR
10/12/2019 Hogfish Bar – Coeur d’Alene, ID