City Winery has been at the corner of Varick and Vandam for 10 years, but will soon be moving as the entire block is being razed to make way for Disney's new headquarters. (Disney signed a 99-year lease from block owners Trinity Church for $650 million). Gothamist talked to City Winery owner Michael Dorf who said he knew this was coming, but didn't know it'd be so soon. "When we signed our lease ten years ago there was a discussion and a clause about what would happen if they were to demolish the building. It foretold of the future," he said, adding, "Trinity Church has been a good landlord and communicating with me about what was happening over the last couple of years."

Dorf says that City Winery is looking at a January 1, 2020 move which "gives us more than enough time to find new location" and that he hopes to stay in Manhattan. "The idea of moving into a new location is really exciting because I'm going to be able to take those ten years of experience combining a working winery with a restaurant and music venue in the middle of Manhattan, and make what will be our ultimate flagship."

City Winery now has locations in Nashville, Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC, and Chicago.

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