Operation Ivy and Common Rider frontman Jesse Michaels recently hinted that he was recording new music with Sharif Dumani (Exploding Flowers, Alice Bag Band) and Peter John Fontes (Los Nauticals) -- which would be his first new music since the 2012 debut album by his band Classics of Love -- and now he surprise-released that music as a new Classics of Love EP, World of Burning Hate.

As Punk News points out, the EP was self-released on the band's new Bandcamp, and Jesse writes in the Bandcamp description that the original Classics of Love lineup (aka Jesse plus all three members of Hard Girls) disbanded amicably in 2012 and that the other three members gave Jesse the OK to keep using the name. The first Classics of Love album was a killer ska-punk record and the most Op Ivy-sounding thing Jesse had done since Op Ivy's 1989 demise, but this new EP is straight-up hardcore, and it's awesome to hear Jesse doing this kind of thing too. The EP's a fucking ripper, as you can hear for yourself below.

Earlier today, we wrote about Operation Ivy's classic 1989 album Energy in 15 ’80s punk albums that shaped the ’90s/’00s pop punk boom.

Classics of Love

1. Future Shock 01:51
2. Crime Pays 01:57
3. Life Dread 01:26
4. Walking With the Lost 01:55
5. Dawn of Universal Law 02:06


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