LA dance duo Classixx are probably best known for their remixes but make music themselves too. Their new album, Faraway Reach, is out next week (June 3) via Innovative Leisure and features a bunch of notable guests, including Passion Pit, How to Dress Well, Alex Frankel (Holy Ghost!), and more.

The current single is "Whatever I Want" featuring Autotune master (and actual singer too) T-Pain. The video for that, as you'd expect, is a shot-for-shot remake of The Smiths' "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before" video. The original had Morrissey being followed by a flock of look-a-likes on bicycles as they pedal around familiar Manchester locations. For Classixx's version, director Daniel Pappas updated things just a bit for LA. You can watch it, and check out "Just Let Go" (ft. HTDW) and "Grecian Summer," below.



Classixx - Faraway Reach tracklist:
01 Grecian Summer
02 In These Fine Times [ft. De Lux]
03 Safe Inside [ft. Passion Pit]
04 I Feel Numb [ft. Alex Frankel]
05 Just Let Go [ft. How To Dress Well]
06 The Dissolve" [ft. Isles]
07 Whatever I Want [ft. T - Pain]
08 Ndivile [ft. Nonku]
09 Faraway Reach
10 Eyes On Me [ft. Harriet Brown]
11 Pure Distraction
12. A Mountain With No Ending [ft. Panama]

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