As mentioned, Cleveland hardcore band Last Gasp are releasing a new album, The Storied Weight of it All, on September 29 via Dropping Bombs (US vinyl pre-order), Crew Cuts Records (Euro vinyl), and Version City Blues (cassette). They recently released the short, fast, and loud lead single "Only Jokes," and we're now premiering second single "Nowhere 2 B Found," which infuses the band's tough-as-nails hardcore with a hint of melodic, '90s-style skate punk. It's a snotty ripper that sounds like it could've come out on Epitaph or Fat or Nitro in the '90s, and it sounds fresh today too.

It also comes with a genuinely funny video with the band playing an open mic in between a stand-up comedian and a hypnotist. Check it out below.

Last Gasp

1. I Was A Teenage Maniac
2. For The Kid(s)
3. The Seeker
4. One Last Drink
5. Nowhere 2 B Found
6. Not The One
7. Only Jokes
8. Postpone My Suicide
9. To Seed The Gravel
10. Vastly Deep

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