Cleveland's Biitchseat are releasing a new EP, I'll Become Kind, on March 5 via Refresh Records (pre-order), and we're premiering lead single "Anti-Depressed."

"'Anti-Depressed' was a total collaboration. I felt really stuck in a lyrical rut, so I asked the band if they had been sitting on any lyrics, and it just so happened that Evan had a full song that he had written," vocalist/guitarist Talor tells us. "He offered the lyrics and the general chord progression, and I took them without having heard what he intended it to sound like. Listening to what he wrote after writing the song for Biitchseat was a really cool experience. They are truly very different."

"The vibe that the lyrics gave me really resonated- they almost felt like one of those awful dreams of not being able to swim to the surface of the water," Talor continues. "There was a desperation to be better in them, blanketed in an acknowledgment of failing oneself and the people that matter most. But, they somehow feel hopeful... and I think that's very in line with the core of our songwriting."

Evan adds, "I started writing that song when I was in my early twenties. I really didn’t have many friends at the time and was just going through a lot of anxiety/depression mixed with some codependency issues. I ended up jotting down the opening lyrics to 'Anti-Depressed' on my phone in my car one day. I just felt like I was spending most my days drinking and letting my brain rot to dumb YouTube videos and books I would never finish."

Like their 2019 debut LP To Name All the Bees in the Backyard, the song recalls the punky, power-poppy side of '90s alternative rock, and Talor's absolutely soaring voice adds suspense and intensity to the otherwise bright, catchy song. Listen below.


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