Cleveland punks Heart & Lung are releasing a new album, Twistin’ The Knife Away, this Friday (10/15) via Red Scare Industries (pre-order), and ahead of the release, we're premiering the video for "Watch You Suffer." It's a punchy, catchy, '90s-style punk song with echoes of past Midwest punk heroes like Dillinger Four, and if you dig that kind of thing, you should give this a spin.

"We wanted to make a video with our friends and our city, and about how much we miss house shows," the band tells us. "The song, having nothing at all to do with the video, is about people that abuse power and faith in religious institutions. Those people should suffer and we would like to watch."

Speaking about the album recently to That's Good Enough For Me, they said, "Twistin’ The Knife Away is about general frustration with the status quo, grieving over lost pets, chronic pain, mental health and complete shock that we’re even alive. This is our lives filtered through the music that we want to hear. Originally, the pandemic put a firm stop to all our plans and we hoped to release this record once things had become more normal. But with impending doom now being an indefinite state of affairs, there’s really nothing left to lose."

Check out the new video here...


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