by Doug Moore


As we mentioned in passing recently, Brooklyn bar Lulu's is hosting a nasty hardcore show tonight (11/15), featuring Cleveland's Wetbrain (not to be confused with Baltimore's Wet Brain or California's Wet Brain), NJ's Ugly Parts, Albany's Aggressive Response, and locals Pleasure Industry. $5 at the door.

Wetbrain, which features members of Annihilation Time, Nine Shocks Terror, and Darvocets, among others, are one of those punk bands that seem to mostly exist in improvised venues and on cassettes on the floor of someone's smelly '91 Honda Civic. You can, however, download their 2012 demo for free here. If you miss Pleasure Industry at this show, you'll have another chance to catch them at Lulu's on Monday (11/18), when they'll play with KC punkers Nuke Cult and Dirty Work, along with fellow locals Scab Eaters.

Stream tunes by Pleasure Industry, Ugly Parts, and Aggressive Response, and check out the show flyer below.