Tulsa, Oklahoma band Cliffdiver have signed to SideOneDummy and will release their new album Exercise Your Demons on May 6 via their new label home (pre-order). It was produced by Seth Henderson (Action/Adventure, Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, etc) and mastered by Will Yip, and first single/opening track "New Vegas Bomb" features Skatune Network (aka Jeremy Hunter of We Are the Union and JER). We're premiering the video for that song in this post.

Powered by the dual vocals of co-lead vocalists Joey Duffy and Briana Wright, it's a spit-shined pop punk song with some easycore chugs that would fit in anywhere from early 2000s Drive-Thru Records to Upsides/Suburbia-era Wonder Years to the recent pop punk revival, and it goes full on third wave ska in the bridge. "It's an introduction to the bigger story on the LP and taps into the idea that you can party away the pain, which in my experience doesn't work out too well," Joey says, and Briana adds, "As track #1 it's important that 'New Vegas Bomb' not only lyrically establish the storyline at the heart of Exercise Your Demons, but also demonstrate the musical versatility that we've brought to the entire album."

"I’m going to be okay because I’ve decided I’m going to be okay," Briana adds about the album overall. "It’s resilience – and if you own your shit, it’s painful, but no one can take that from you. That’s why the record’s called Exercise Your Demons, because while you may not be able to exorcise them and get them out of your life, you can train them and get them under control."

Check out the new song and video:


1. New Vegas Bomb ft. Skatune Network
2. Who Let The Hawgs Out
3. Frankie Muniz Don’t Smoke No Mids
4. We Saw The Same Sunset
5. Death Is A Wedding (With Eternity)
6. Super Saiyan Al Pacino
7. Dick Van Yikes
8. I Left My Heart At Lemon Lake
9. IKEA Strikes Back

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