Cloakroom new "space western" concept album Dissolution Wave comes out later this month (1/28 via Relapse), and they've now shared its third single, "Fear of Being Fixed." It's a soaring dose of heavy shoegaze that finds the band's knack for both sludgy riffs and gorgeous melodies in fine form, and it comes with a vivid music video directed by Colorshift. Check it out below.

Cloakroom also announced an album release show happening in Chicago at Empty Bottle the day the album comes out (1/28), and that show features a solo set by Hum's Matt Talbott (who contributed loops and piano to Cloakroom's new album) and a DJ set by Physical Medium (tickets). No other upcoming tour dates are scheduled at the moment.

Cloakroom members Doyle Martin and Bobby Markos also recently told us about their favorite albums of 2021.


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