Cloud Cult After reading that Amy Phillips' cried at the recent Cloud Cult show at Sin-e, I cried that I missed it. Actually first I got the album. Then I cried because it's now one of my favorite CD's of the year.

Pitchfork gave Advice From the Happy Hippopotamus an 8.3, yet kept it off it's list of best new music. Why? I'm not sure. They gave LCD Soundsystem an 8.2, and that's on the list. "Over an intimidatingly vast 25 tracks melding folk, electronics, Arcade Fire emo, and quasi-hippie hoobajoo, Cloud Cult gird their ambition with solid tunes." [Pitchfork]

Splendid said, "Singer/songwriter Craig Minowa must be eternally thankful for his ability to craft a solid rock opera the likes of Advice From The Happy Hippopotamus."

For more praise and description read the review Amy wrote for City Pages in Minneapolis/St. Paul. (where the band is from)

You need to hear this album from beginning to end, but in the meantime....

Tour dates & stuff @ their official site. Buy the album at Amazon.