Cloud Nothings at Villain - 10/11/16 (photo via Scott Carr)

Cloud Nothings hadn't been to NYC in a while, but that changed last night when they packed Williamsburg space Villain, a more intimate room than they usually play these days. The show was actually supposed to be at Market Hotel, which would have been special since it's where Cloud Nothings played their first show ever (which they mentioned on stage last night), but all Market Hotel shows are being moved while the venue awaits its full liquor license.

Cloud Nothings also appear to be hinting at a new album, which we may learn more about when singer Dylan Baldi chats on Sirius XMU today (10/12) at 10 AM, and they did play two new songs last night. One mixed sludgy guitars and early-'60s pop melodies in way that wasn't unlike Blue Album-era Weezer, and the other was a little more dynamic. It got softer than CN usually gets in the pre-chorus, but then had a bridge that neared classic-punk territory. If you like Cloud Nothings' last two albums, these should instantly please. Here's a clip of the second one:

UPDATE: That song is called "Modern Act" and it will appear on the band's just-announced album, Life Without Sound. They also announced a Webster Hall show. More info HERE.

Those two new songs aside, the show was exactly what you'd expect from Cloud Nothings in a small dark venue. They played all the favorites off the last two albums, and had the crowd bouncing around and raising fists. Cloud Nothings are also a four-piece again (with Chris Brown of CN-related band Total Babes and formerly of CN-related Chomp), which is a good thing 'cause those Attack on Memory songs -- especially "Wasted Days" -- really do benefit from having two guitars. "I'm Not Part of Me" and "Stay Useless" were of course the biggest singalongs, but it's nice that even as Cloud Nothings grow in fame, they can still effectively end their encore-less set with the noise jam of "Wasted Days" and keep everyone on their toes.

Here's that teaser that appears to hint at a new album, followed by a few more pictures of last night's show: