As we've said before, if there’s any silver lining at all to this mass quarantine, it’s all the amazing content that musicians had in the vault that’s now seeing the light of day. Here's another batch of songs that fits that description: ten rough demos by Cloud Nothings' Dylan Baldi that he "made last year with the intent of turning them into an album, but they never got past their current very lo-fi state." It's called Enemy At Home, and it might remind you in spirit of the Cloud Nothings' very early lo-fi material, but songwriting-wise, it sounds like the music they've been releasing lately. Very cool to hear those two worlds collide.

"There's a couple gems in here," Dylan adds. Indeed! You can download the whole thing for free here.

Update: Dylan clarified that "it wasn't going to be a Cloud Nothings album... was supposed to be a solo thing for Tim Kasher's label 15 Passenger but we ended up scrapping it and still have plans to release something else down the line. Just thought I'd share some free music to entertain the housebound."

1. Good Morning
2. Welcome to My Planet
3. Better at Being Apart
4. Everything and Everyone
5. While I'm Here
6. Late Night Stomp
7. This Thing Inside
8. Call You by That Name
9. Like No One
10. Get the Truth


[h/t Exclaim]