Swedish duo Club 8 will release their 10th album, Golden Island, which will be out in early 2018 via Labrador. (Their last was 2015's Pleasure.) Johan Angergård (who owns Labrador and is also in Acid House Kings, The Legends and other groups) and Karolina Komstedt have always had a bit of the tropics in their sound, though here electronics come much more into play. The new single from the album is "Breathe," which is rainforest lush and nighttime chill. You can stream it below. We've got the premiere of a remix of the song by Pallers, who are another of Angergård's many musical projects. Pallers take "Breathe" into even more late night territory, dialing it back to an ambient hush. Listen to that below as well.

Pallers, meanwhile, haven't released a record since 2011 but have new music on the way, too. Stay tuned.