CMJ held their last NYC "music marathon" in October of 2015, and then more or less quietly faded into oblivion. In a statement made over the summer of 2016, owner and CEO Adam Klein said he and the company were "all totally committed to protecting CMJ’s unique and ‘live’ heritage," and promised to "share more about our 2016 and 2017 program soon." By the end of the year, though, CMJ had been sued by two former employees over alleged unpaid wages; Klein was eventually ordered to pay over $500,000. Meanwhile, with their website down and no further word about future festivals, CMJ's founders started a new conference/festival, Mondo.NYC, which held its most recent edition back in October, right around the time CMJ would normally have happened. Now, however, CMJ have resurfaced on Twitter, and with a "coming (back) soon" message on their website. "After a long break," they write, "CMJ is under new management and re-launching in 2020. More news soon." As to how true that is and what exactly it will entail, we'll see, but stay tuned for more information.

UPDATE: Speaking to Pitchfork, CMJ said that Klein isn't involved with the company anymore, but remained mum on further details. "We cannot wait to be back," they wrote in an email, "and we are really looking forward to explaining everything ... but we're sorry to say that, right now, we can't lift the lid any further. We promise to let you know, as soon as we can, what is going on and what we have planned. Shouldn’t be long." They signed the email, “The Mystery new CMJ Management people."

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