by Doug Moore

Cobalt at Saint Vitus Bar, 2013 (more by Caroline Harrison)

The last year has been a rollercoaster for the great progressive black metal duo Cobalt. The band got its start as a fully-functioning live band (aside from two shows in the early '00s, before they'd achieved any significant notoriety) at last year's Maryland Deathfest, followed by a successful first tour. Both members of the band released side project material last year, too; vocalist Phil McSorley put out the debut material from his raw black metal project Recluse, while instrumentalist Erik Wunder released the second album by his excellent roots-grunge project Man's Gin.

Then, back in March, McSorley announced via Cobalt's Facebook page that he had quit the band, effectively terminating its run. This was a pretty huge bummer; the band's last two albums, 2007's Eater of Birds and 2009's Gin, are two of the best metal albums of the past decade. But as abruptly as it was announced, Cobalt's retirement ended -- McSorley announced that he and Wunder are working together on a new album via another Facebook message last night:

In the end, all one ever experiences is one's self.

Erik and I have had a rocky last few years due to extreme personal experience. I cant discredit him for his profound personal development, considering that I have been elusive due to my nature as well.

We have spoken and a new Cobalt album will be recorded, and will be massive and overshadow everything we, and many others, have ever done.

Brave words, but credible coming from these guys. No specific album details have been announced yet, but keep an eye out. In the meantime, stream Gin and Eater of Birds in full below.