Saxophonist Cochemea Gastelum, best known simply as Cochemea, is following his 2019 debut LP All My Relations (and a standout appearance on Run The Jewels' excellent 2020 album RTJ4) with a new album, Vol. II: Baca Sewa, on July 12 via Daptone Records (pre-order). A press release notes that the album was made with a 7-piece ensemble that features "New York’s top percussionists and members of Daptone’s rhythm section" and its title, "Baca Sewa," was Cochemea's "original family name prior to Spanish colonization."

The first single is "Burning Plain," a rhythmic blend of Afrobeat, jazz, soul, and more, and a very promising first taste of this LP. Listen and check out the tracklist below...

1. Burning Plain
2. Tukaria
3. Mimbreños
4. Chito's Song
5. Nahsuareo Bwikam
6. Black Pearl
7. Peace Prayer
8. Curandera
9. Baca Sewa (Song)
10. Baca Sewa (Chant)

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