Back in 2016, Cocorosie released single "Smoke 'em Out" ft ANOHNI in response to Trump's win in the presidential election, writing at the time, "In the wake of this un-natural disaster, we feel a call to rise, shout, and burn the house down." They then released a second version of the song, titled "Burn Down the House," on this year's Put the Shine On. Just in time for the 2020 election, they've recorded a third version, "End of the Freak Show," featuring ANOHNI, Big Freedia, Brooke Candy, and Cakes Da Killa.

"We are fired up to share a song that has already had more than one lease of life, re-birthed in a vital new form," say Cocorosie. "Invigorated to be aligned with the fierce collaborators on this track in a time when we all need unity and lifting-up ever the more." Listen to "End of the Freak Show" and the two previous versions of the song, below.

“This Is The End Of The Freak Show” select lyrics:
(Brooke Candy):
D-dead girl walking
Just the sight of her is shocking
Wear your heart out like a locket
Keep a pistol in my pocket
Whoa burnin don’t put me out
Screaming until you hear me now
I’m yelling it yelling it yelling it loud

(ANOHNI, CocoRosie):
Burning down the house,
To smoke them out
I was on the brink like so many times
Got children and wives waving forks and knives
Burning down the house,
To smoke them out

(Cakes Da Killa):
Running through the house
Running, running screaming meaning they coming
My ears steady ringing
the choir steady humming
You should never play with the smoke and never play with no liars
Pretty playing with matches now this shit is on fire

(Big Freedia):
Mama said don’t set the bar
Just raise it even higher
You know there’s no match for me
I am the crowd ignitor
Let me see them lighters
Cue the gospel choir
When I walk onto the stage it’s
Fire fire fire

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