Code Orange spilled the beans that they were demoing new music with Billy Corgan back in 2021, making us wonder and hope if a new album is on the way, but before they do give us one, their great 2020 album Underneath still has more to say. They already re-imagined it once before with Under The Skin, an MTV Unplugged-style album/film that turned the futuristic metalcore album into something much earthier, and now they've just released What Is Really Underneath?, which mixes together new remixes of Underneath tracks with previously unreleased original companion pieces. Calling it a "remix album" would be underselling it; it's more like an entire alternate version of Underneath that explores Code Orange's electronic/industrial side. It's genuinely great and you can stream it below.

Code Orange have also released a 14-minute short film of the same name, scored by selections from the album. The film was created by the band's own Eric “Shade” Balderose with Cinema 4D and Octant Render, with a concept by vocalist Jami Morgan, and a press release says Shade worked on it for more than 2000 hours over the course of four months. The synopsis reads, "The film follows a Dantanian storyline as the 'Mudman' (first introduced in the video for 'The Mud' off their 2017 breakout album Forever) journeys Underneath to meet his maker in hopes that he will be cleansed of sin." Check that out below too.

Lastly, the band has launched an alternate reality game on, designed by Shade and Jami. "The game is fully immersive and has a 360-degree design which can be navigated by clicking and dragging different points within the room via mobile or desktop. The site sends fans down the rabbit hole like only Code Orange can do, offering up a labyrinth of clickables, ciphers, games, and Easter eggs."

Code Orange also have a few upcoming festival appearances scheduled for this spring/summer: France's Hellfest, the Netherlands' Jera On Air Festival, and the UK's Outbreak Fest.

Code Orange also appear to have left Roadrunner, and are now signed to Blue Grape Music, the new venture from Roadrunner founder Cees Wessels and Roadrunner's former head of A&R David Rath.


Code Orange

Drowning In It
So Below
The Shell
Prismatic Shame
The Cutters Theme
Down We Go
A Life In The Box
Smaller Everyday
The Whispering Souls
A Thin Reflective Line
What Is Really Underneath?
The Path To Paradise…

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