Code Orange released their killer new album Underneath on Friday (read our review), and because coronavirus is cancelling most live shows, Code Orange played their release show to an empty room at Pittsburgh's Roxian Theatre on Saturday (3/14) and streamed it live with help from the tireless hardcore live music archivist Hate5six. The band wrote:

This show was going to be a cathartic release of all the hard work that has been put in over our bands long career - with a new level of production and intensity that we were extremely proud of. A new era of Code Orange beginning in our hometown with a lineup for the ages was something that had been pushing us through every single tough day. now that’s gone and we are stuck footing the bill for quite a bit, which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to. so it is what it is. we have been racking our brains on how to present our art live in this extremely uncertain time - one that truly reflects everything we are trying to work through on UNDERNEATH. Things feel cold, ruthless, noisey, confusing and disconnected. But we all must refuse to tap out. and that brings us too...

THE GOOD: this Saturday night 3/14 we present to you LAST ONES LEFT: In Fear of The End. a live stream. We are going to perform - in an empty venue - the show we have been planning on presenting to you all for months on end. You can stream the show on TWITCH and you will be able to contribute if you feel like it/are able. You will also be able to purchase the exclusive merch and record release records that we were sitting on for the show. A lot of really cool stuff that we designed ourselves. If you choose to do so - it will be very appreciated - and will help keep our heads above water.
If you have tickets to the Pittsburgh show you can get a refund at point of purchase. That show WILL be rescheduled. If you hang onto your ticket it will be good for whenever this thing lets up and we are able.

If you missed the livestream or just want to relive it, you're in luck because it's been archived and you can now watch it whenever you want, which you should do because not only is Code Orange's new live show a true spectacle, but this is also basically a concert film, complete with music video-style clips spliced in with the performance. (Some definite hints of Tool in there.) It was also Code Orange's first show with their new touring drummer, as drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan is now taking center stage, and it included the live debuts of several songs on the new album. And even with no audience, the band went in. Watch below.

In related news, Deathwish is selling albums on Bandcamp for $1 or more to help support bands, including Code Orange's I Am King and Love Is Love // Return To Dust.

Setlist (via)
(deeperthanbefore) (over PA)
Swallowing the Rabbit Whole (live debut)
In Fear (live debut)
Intermission (over PA)
Bleeding in the Blur
Who I Am (live debut)
The Hunt
Last Ones Left (live debut)
My World
Intermission (over PA)
Cold.Metal.Place (live debut)
Sulfur Surrounding (live debut)
I Am King
Underneath (live debut; extended)


UPDATE (3/17): As you probably predicted, the rest of the tour is off:

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