As you may have heard, this Sunday is the Super Bowl which some people watch just for the commercials. Many have already been released online, like the Coen Brothers-directed ad for counter-culture car company Mercedes that features Peter Fonda satirizing his iconic Easy Rider role. The commercial also features Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild," a song all but welded to that counter-culture classic, here bringing a bunch of bikers together, until some rich jerk blocks their bikes in with his shiny new AMG GT Roadster (price: $132k). It ain't the '60s anymore, man. You can watch that below.

Music and musicians will feature in a lot of Superbowl ads this year. Justin Beiber appears in a T-Mobile commercial; Justin Timberlake is hawking Bai; Sia's "Move Your Body" will be in a Lexus ad; Foreigner's "Cold as Ice" will be in a Wendy's commercial; John Legend's "Love Me Now" is in a Pepsi commercial, as is music by halftime star Lady Gaga (who's also in an ad for Tiffany); and this year's GoDaddy commercial will feature Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Watch some of those below.

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