Coheed & Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez continues to stay very busy with his comic book career. In addition to The Amory Wars, the long-running comic book series that runs parallel to most of Coheed's albums, he's also got a newer six-issue horror miniseries called My Brother's Blood Machine, which is based on the 2006 album of the same name by Claudio's solo project The Prize Fighter Inferno. He made it alongside writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Simon Dark) and illustrator Andrew Ritchie (Necromomicon, Pieces for Mom). The synopsis reads:

Margretville is preparing for its annual Jubilee. The citizens bustle about their small town in anticipation of the big event, even as they cast nervous glances towards the shadows. An unsolved missing persons case has been troubling the normally quiet town. The secrets of Margretville run deep, and as police begin an investigation into their only witness-turned-suspect to stifle the small town gossip, they stumble into something far more disturbing looming beneath the surface.

Claudio also expanded upon the new series in a recent interview with Comics XF:

I’ve started to find compassion in the misunderstood villain. Leatherface is one that is a big influence on me. When I see the character, it feels more like nurture versus nature. There was good in the character but because of the way the family brought him up he’s a massive killing machine. One of the reasons I like the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre is because they give you a little bit of that. He’s in this orphanage and he’s at bay because someone is actually caring for him. Once they took that away from him, we get the return of this demon. That’s what I want to tell in this horror tale. We have our slasher but it could be looked at a little different.

The first four issues are out now, and we've got exclusive covers of each one available in the BV shop. Pick yours up while they last and stay tuned for the final two issues.

Coheed are also gearing up for a tour with Deafheaven that will find them performing 2007's No World For Tomorrow in its entirety. That hits NYC on May 3 at The Rooftop at Pier 17.

Claudio Sanchez comic 1
My Brother's Blood Machine: Issue 1
Claudio Sanchez comic 2
My Brother's Blood Machine: Issue 2
Claudio Sanchez comic 3
My Brother's Blood Machine: Issue 3
Claudio Sanchez comic 4
My Brother's Blood Machine: Issue 4

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