by Doug Moore

It's Monday morning. You could use an energy boost. Chugging coffee helps, but it's not as effective as blasting the Confined 12" from D.C.'s Coke Bust, which we've got streaming over at Invisible Oranges. From our writeup:

The million-miles-per-hour momentum avoids stalling due to a focus on craft, a tightening of any loose nuts and bolts. The group's drive to distill and their practice-one-more-time philosophy ensures the parts of this 'core collage are right where they need to be for maximum effect. It does take leaps. Large ones. Yet, it doesn't stop to steady itself or stretch. It's just on to the next one, albeit by priming its muscles with snare rolls and four-string harbingers of powerviolence punch-ups. In that way, it's akin to a fighter operating five steps ahead. Confined is forever on the hunt for the next opening to shoot through a jab, maintaining its form with an underlying da-da-da-dun rhythm, like a universal hardcore heartbeat.

Check out the whole writeup over at Invisible Oranges.

Coke Bust is evidently selling copies of Confined at shows already -- had they not canceled their recent NYC appearance with Dropdead at the Acheron, you could've snagged one there. Fortunately, the album will be on sale a week from tomorrow. (Pre-order yours.) No sustained North American touring is currently in the works for the band, but if you're in the Bay Area in November, you can catch them at the Six Weeks Records 20th Anniversay party at the Metro Operahouse on November 8 and 9 with Despise You, Backslider, Transient, Magruder Grind, Flatigious Idiosyncrasies in the Dilapidation,, and more. You can snag tickets and more info here.

The 12" version of Confined comes out on October 8 in North America; stream it below.


Coke Bust - Confined