Giovanni Cianci, who has been the music booker at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert since 2017, has been fired following allegations of sexual misconduct, Variety reports. “Gio is no longer employed by the show,” a source close to the situation told the publication.

His firing comes following allegations made by Paige Stark, the singer/drummer for Los Angeles band Tashaki Miyaki. She posted on her Instagram about an incident she says happened during CMJ 2010, when Cianci worked for Lookout Management. Stark says Cianci made advances towards her in an elevator, trying to kiss her and pinning her against a wall. "Immediately after this event he would not leave me alone," Stark wrote. "He followed me and my band mate to a nearby bar and kept touching me and being in my personal space. I felt so unsafe I had to call another manager I knew- a man to come to physically remove Gio." You can read that Instagram post below.

Variety spoke with two other people near to the incident, including Stark's friend who was at the bar with her, who both corroborated her story. The publication also reports that legal representatives from ViacomCBS reached out to Stark not long after she posted her story on Instagram. Late Show music segment producer Kateri Palen has now taken over music booking for the show.

Since Variety ran the story earlier today, Stark has posted again on Instagram:

Since I entered the music scene I have experienced, witnessed first hand, and been told by friends about every type of misconduct by predators within this industry. From the “causal” misogynistic comment to outright assault. The story I shared has not been my only experience with sexual harassment or misconduct. It is one of many stories. I have spoken out privately a lot. That was not working. My complaints were not being heard or taken seriously. It felt time to speak out publicly. Not all women who experience these offenses have the support around them that I now do. I am fortunate to have friends and a team who believe me and support me. That support is why I am able to share my story now. The pain, outrage, and shame I was experiencing by not speaking out had become greater than any concern I had about my work or career. Though I still get fearful, that fear is outweighed by the necessity to protect the safety of other woman and all people within this industry and all industries. There is not time to waste. Predators can not and should not have influential jobs. We must protect and believe women unconditionally. We must put an end to the misogyny and sexism in our culture. I stand with all the women coming forward in the music industry and everywhere. I hope that our collective voices can create a positive change within the music community where all people are safe and protected from harm. I also want to applaud all the women who have sent me private DMs sharing their own stories about Gio and other men. Thank you for your support and bravery.

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