Cold Beat, the minimal synth group led by Hannah Lew (Grass Widow), have signed to DFA and just released their first single for the label, "Flat Earth." Gentle and understated, it's a really lovely pop song inspired by the wildfires that have ravaged southern California, and the climate change debate that came with them. “Outside was a post-apocalyptic-looking orange light and the air was filled with particulate. They were advising people to stay inside, so I spent two weeks indoors, pregnant, huffing on my air purifier," says Hannah.

The video for "Cold Earth" also reflects this. “During this surreal time there was a lot in the news about climate change denial, which was perplexing and infuriating. When we made the video, we wanted to portray an alien landing on a planet they maybe couldn’t breathe on. The uninhabitable planet in the video is a metaphor for feeling like a stranger in this world at times, especially when some of your fellow terrestrial inhabitants have such a vastly different perspective.” You can watch the video below.

Look for Cold Beat's new album on DFA in 2020. Their last full-length was 2017's terrific Chaos by Invitation.