Cold Cave EP

Hot on the heels of the release of the A Little Death to Laugh 7", Cold Cave have announced Oceans with No End, a new EP due via Deathwish. That's the cover art above and here's a little more info via the press release:

"Oceans With No End" EP is... a two song industrial indulgence that features Eisold performing all forms of instrumentation on the release. Title track "Oceans With No End" uses upbeat electronics to create a melodious wash for Eisold's pensive vocals to tread within. While B-side "People Are Poison" plods forth with an angry swagger in direct juxtaposition to the title track's driving urgency.

No word on when, exactly, we can expect to see that EP hit the shelves, but you can check out the lyrics to the title track below.


Cold Cave

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