Brooklyn darkwave psych duo The Vacant Lots released Interzone, and are about to release a second pressing of the vinyl which will be out February 19 via Fuzz Club. The new pressing, which is on ultra-clear vinyl with black splatter, comes with a bonus 7" featuring a remix of the album's "Into the Depths" by Cold Cave.

Cold Cave's remix takes "Into the Depths" and puts it into doubletime overdrive, with a propulsive synth bassline that changes the mood of the song entirely. "It's truly an honor to collaborate with Wesley Eisold," says the duo's Jared Artaud. "Not only is Cold Cave one of my favorite bands, but he's one of my favorite poets. I can count on one hand the contemporary bands whose music I find inspiring. Cold Cave is the ultimate. It’s music that cuts through the bullshit and strikes the soul. Brian and I wanted to have just one remix to go with Interzone, and there was no one else we wanted to work with more than Cold Cave. I love what Wesley did to the track - pushing it to the extremes, into some insanely ordered chaos zone."

The Cold Cave remix of "Into the Depths" premieres in this post and you can listen below. You can pre-order the new edition of Interzone here and listen to the original album below as well.

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