Art-pop duo Collapsing Scenery, aka Don De Vore and Reggie Debris, are back with a new single -- a cover of Scottish band The Blue Nile's 1989 classic "The Downtown Lights" from their second album, Hats. The duo keep the basic song structure and arrangements but aren't afraid to do their own thing with it, roughing it up a little around the edges. “'The Downtown Lights' is a masterpiece, an eccentric, yearning, bizarre, impressionistic wander through a gaslit, haunted cityscape," says De Vore. "You can almost see the puddles reflecting neon lights. It was a pleasure to learn this song, as it never goes where you expect it to, and the lyrics are a Byzantine maze of idiosyncratic free association."

You can watch the video for their cover of "The Downtown Lights" -- shot by Kansas Bowling, Tim Pronovost, Ravi Rangopal and Doug Bergdorf -- and watch the video for THe Blue Nile's original, below.

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