Colleen Green will soon be back with her first album in six years, titled Cool, that will be out on September 10 via Hardly Art. She made the album at a few different L.A. studios with producer Gordon Raphael who worked on The Strokes' first two albums.

The first single from the album is "I Wanna Be a Dog," which finds her still in command of big indie rock hooks and wry, thoughtful lyrics: "I’m just trying to be understood / And all I really want / Is somebody to tell me that I’m good."

Watch the video, directed by Steele O’Neal, below.


1. Someone Else
2. I Wanna Be a Dog
3. Posi Vibes
4. Highway
5. Natural Chorus
6. You Don’t Exist
7. It’s Nice to Be Nice
8. How Much Should You Love a Husband?
9. I Believe in Love
10. Pressure to Cum

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