Come To Grief started as a way for members of Boston sludge legends Grief to tour their old material, but now they're releasing their first new album, When The World Dies, on May 20 via Translation Loss (pre-order). It was produced by Converge's Kurt Ballou, and it features backing vocals on two tracks by Converge frontman J Bannon, including lead single "Life's Curse."

"Having Jacob sing backup vocals was a really big deal," guitarist and vocalist Terry Savastano told Decibel. "I’m super grateful for it. We go back a long way actually. He, myself, (Chuck, Come To Grief drummer) and some of the Converge guys come from the same area north of Boston called the Merrimack Valley. He had my first band’s (Afterbirth) demo very early on—we’re talking 1988!"

"We were recording with Kurt Ballou (Converge), so I thought it would be awesome and kinda appropriate if he could contribute backing vocals," Terry continues. "He’s such an emotional singer I thought it would go perfect with Jonathan’s roar, and I was right! 'Life’s Curse' is a pretty emotional song already; he just added a whole lot more."

The song is great, and you can hear it at Decibel.

Update, or right here:

1. Our End Begins
2. Life's Curse
3. Scum Like You
4. Devastation of Souls
5. When the World Dies
6. Bludgeon the Soul / Returning to the Void
7. Death Can't Come Soon Enough

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