You may remember that comedian and Bob's Burgers/Archer star Jon Benjamin released Well I Should Have… Learned How to Play Piano back in 2015. Now he's back with a concept covers album tackling theme songs from Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, Halloween, Chariots of Fire, and more with his vintage Moog synthesizer. You may be asking "why?" and Jon has come prepared for that question:

WHY ANOTHER ALBUM? The question must be screaming in your mind. In 2015, I started my jazz journey. Even I thought it would end, but the spirits of sound, they keep pulling at me. At times, I’ve danced with the demons of malaise and grappled with the warlocks of uncertainty. This collection represents a rebirth/afterbirth. A reforming of what I have done and what has been done before me. A voyage into a more futuristic soundscape, like a drunk (very drunk), crazed cosmonaut’s first spacewalk. A burnt offering to the Gods of Providence—Gods that take from us mercilessly the corpuscular light of what we give, fractured through our prism of inability. My work may be an affront, but is our collective affront. My sins are unwavering but my jazz is my confession; each note a cleansing; the sound of the squeezing of an overripe peach and the juice putrid. These songs, like spumes of spite, are sufferings, profane grumbles, and they weave their thread into your soul like falcon’s talons into the belly of a bunny. Every compression is an impression (not sure what this means) but I think I’m talking about compressing the keys on the keyboard. But in them all are ‘sharts of hope’. I crash expectations. I throw poo in the face of my oppressors. I scream like a baby bird to the legions. I, by my own hand, mock the clouds for forming, cry ecstatic till temples crumble. I, by my own hands, shake the world. I am, like William Morris once wrote, ‘the haystack in the floods.' I am, for all time, the Jazz Daredevil.

If you're still wondering why, Jon has also made a trailer for the album -- with a little vocal help from his Bob's Burgers costar Eugene Mirman -- that shows him making the record with an orchestra. No expense was spared! Watch that below.

You may also be wondering if he's learned to play piano since his last album. You'll just have to listen to The Soundtrack Collection to find out. Give it a spin below.

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