Speaking of Greg Saunier, the Deerhoof drummer always seems to have a few other irons in the fire: He's part of supergroup Big Walnuts Yonder with Mike Watt, Nels Cline and Nick Reinhart, and he'll be performing at Showtime Goma's record release party at Union Hall. He's also part of a new project, Comedienne, with Zac Pennington (of the now-defunct Parenthetical Girls) and Jherek Bischoff (who played with Zac in PG, in Crying Music, and more). Comedienne premiered their first song, "Hideout," via Talkhouse; it has Zac's vocals over lush, dreamy strings, and you can watch the video for it at the top of this post.

Zac wrote more about the dissolution of Parenthetical Girls for Talkhouse:

As Parenthetical Girls neared the completion of our last record in 2013 (a weird, multipart money pit we called Privilege), something unexpected happened: a strange kind of revelation. I had been writing its songs—love songs, breakup songs, goodbye songs—about a muse I could never quite locate. As the pieces of the record took shape, an underlying truth seeped through: what I had been writing all along was a swan song, and the objet d’amour of Privilege was Parenthetical Girls itself. The realization was reluctant in coming, but there was no suppressing it once it surfaced. I wasn’t necessarily finished with Parenthetical Girls, but Parenthetical Girls made it clear that it was—at least for the time being—finished with me.

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