Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! is a podcast, a (canceled) TV, and now it's a book. Comedy Bang! Bang!: The Podcast: The Book is out April 25:

In Comedy Bang! Bang!: The Podcast: The Book, Scott Aukerman transports readers inside the zany world of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast. The book features brand-new anecdotes and opinions from the show’s wild cast of recurring characters, and matches the show in tone and wackiness, with essays, lists, plays, nods to running bits, and four-color illustrations throughout, helping to bring the zany, satirical, undefinable world of Comedy Bang! Bang! to life in new and surprising ways!

To celebrate, Scott is bringing the CB!B! team to Brooklyn for a show at The Bell House on April 25. No word on guests but tickets are on sale.

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