Comedy Central is teaming with Superfly, the producers of Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, to create a new three-day comedy festival that will launch Summer 2017 in San Francisco. While it doesn't have a name yet, they promise a mix of standup, sketch, improv and filmed comedy, as well as music and food. From Deadline:

Comedy Central president Kent Alterman said they are taking a different approach. “The other festivals were more industry driven, this is a totally fan-driven event for the comedy super fans,” he told Deadline.

Also, it will not be just about comedy. While the focus will be on laughs, it will be a ticketed hybrid event in the mold of Bonnaroo and Outside Lands. “The festival will bring together top comedy, amazing music and culinary lineup for a dynamic cultural experience,” said Chad Issaq, Superfly’s EVP, Business Development & Partnerships.

Why was San Francisco chosen as a location over comedy hotbeds like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles? “It has an incredible comedy legacy and a very active community of fans; there are a lot of comedians who come out of San Francisco,” Alterman said.

Stay tuned.

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