by Andrew Sacher

photo by Callie Gajdica

Richmond, VA trio Comrades have been given the post-rock tag due to their lack of vocals, but that's just about the only thing post-rock about them. They list As Cities Burn, The Fall of Troy and Thrice among their influences, and with a vocalist thrown into the mix they could easily sound similar to any one of them. Distortion-fueled post-hardcore is really the driving force here, and some vaguely math rock tendencies are thrown in for good measure too. Their new record, Safekeeper, comes out on May 6 via Blood & Ink Records (pre-order) and you can get a taste of it from its new single, "Severance," which makes its premiere in this post.

Stream that, along with the album artwork, tracklist, and list of tour dates (none in NYC), below...


Comrades - "Severance"

Comrades - Safekeeper

01. Endless
02. Roving
03. The Compass
04. Pax
05. Calling Down Fire (To Keep Warm)
06. Orphan Hymn
07. Haven
08. Severance
09. The End Of This Story And The Beginning Of All The Others


Comrades -- 2014 Tour Dates
04/24 Boise, ID @ The Shredder
04/25 Coeur d'Alene, ID @ The Hanging Duck
04/26 Everett, WA @ The Cut
04/28 Centralia, WA @ Quesadilla Factory
05/02 Fresno, CA @ Kuppajoe
05/07 Albuquerque, NM @ Gasworks
05/10 Van Buren, AR @ Swad Shop
05/12 Tate, GA @ The Box
05/13 Greensboro, NC @ York Pizza
05/14 Richmond, VA @ The Spider Fortress
05/31 Panama City Beach, FL @ A&M Theatre (Panama City Summerfest)
06/05 Louisville, KY @ Ichthus Fest
06/07 Columbus, GA @ Summer Side Show
06/28 New Castle, VA @ Untitled Music Fest
07/03 - 07/06 Champaign, IL @ Audiofeed Fest