After 28 years on late night television, Conan O'Brien will sign off as a nightly host, ending his current TBS CONAN talk show in June 2021. But he's not retiring. His travel specials for TBS, Conan Without Borders, will continue. He's also just announced he's signed a deal with HBO Max to produce a new weekly variety series for streaming channel once his TBS show ends

"In 1993 Johnny Carson gave me the best advice of my career: 'As soon as possible, get to a streaming platform,'" O’Brien said in the press release. "I’m thrilled that I get to continue doing whatever the hell it is I do on HBO Max, and I look forward to a free subscription."

Conan O'Brien's TBS series CONAN debuted in 2010. Before that he spent 16 years as host of NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien, but then got sucked into the late night wars drama that had him briefly take over Tonight Show hosting duties before Jay Leno decided he wasn't retiring.

In other news, Conan just posted video of him unboxing Neil Young's new Return to Greendale box set and you can watch that below:

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