Connan Mockasin has made an album with his father, Ade Mockasin. It's called It's Just Wind and will be out digitally July 14, which is Ade's 72nd birthday. The album came about after near-death experience Ade had, as well as Connan being told that an album with his father should be "made a priority, or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life."

The album was made during Mexican Summer's 2018 Marfa Myths festival in Marfa, TX and features John Carroll Kirby, Matthew Eccles, Nicholas Harsant and Rory McCarthy (aka Infinite Bisous). Here's more:

Travel-weary, knee-deep in first-night cocktails, and on the precipice of going to bed, Connan and his band spontaneously upped instruments and began playing together. And, in a stupor of which he has little memory, Ade joined them, testing out bits of lyrics from his book, getting them wrong by accident, getting them wrong on purpose, cutting, sticking and ad-libbing through the fog, around Connan and Co.’s improvised arrangements. When they listened back to what they’d captured on the 8-track the next morning, they found that they had, somehow, committed the majority of an album to tape.

You can listen to "The Wolf" which Ade notes is based on Little Red Riding Hood, and watch the video which features a little context from Ade as well as footage from the recording sessions. Check that out below.

In addition to the album, there's also a documentary that Connan made about the album and his father which will be released on July 14 as well.

It's Just Wind Tracklist
1. The Wolf
2. Te Awanga
3. What It Are
4. Edge of Darkness
5. Tight Waxing
6. It’s Just Wind
7. Marfa
8. Round Peg in a Square Hole
9. Stuck
10. Clifton