Constant Elevation started as the collaborative project of vocalist Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche, Peace'd Out) and drummer Sammy Siegler (Youth of Today, Judge, CIV, Rival Schools, Glassjaw, etc), and they debuted last year with their self-titled EP. Now they've evolved into a five-piece band that also features bassist Jani Zubkovs (Caspian) and guitarists Mike Ireland (I Am The Avalanche, Pass Away,) and Jim Carroll (Spiral Heads, American Nightmare, The Suicide File), and they'll release their first EP as a five-piece, Freedom Beach, on August 7 via Revelation Records (pre-order).

The EP was recorded with Jon Markson (who was also behind on the boards for Drug Church's great 2018 album Cheer), and the debut EP was good, but with a full band and crisper production, new single "Bob X. Cursion" makes Freedom Beach sound like it's gonna be a noticeable step up. Sammy spoke to No Echo about it:

The response from the first EP was really solid, I’m grateful to be part of this community thats open to checking out my projects, everyone involved worked hard on it, it’s amazing what goes into a few hardcore tunes. [Laughs] I did have a tour manager who told me he thought is was a DJ duo record based on the cover photo, thought that was funny.

But yeah, I was really busy end of 2019 with a lot of tours, I had left a job earlier in the year and just said yes to a bunch of things, it all kind of landed together between September and the end of the year. I remember on the Judge tour in Europe last November, waking up everyone on the bus everyday to the part in “Bob X. Cursion” on the new EP when it builds and Vinnie goes “FUCKKKKKK!”, was funny (for me)… Sorry Mike!

...I love that song, Vinnie wrote it, I love the chorus, and the mosh part is brutal. The beat flips in the mosh part in a tricky way, keeps me on my toes. We had actually played four shows in a row and went right into the studio after that for two days, we recorded the songs all together, tried to keep it as live as possible. It’s great to record that way, especially hardcore.

Listen to that song and watch the album trailer below.

Constant Elevation

1. I Love You And I Never Want You To Die
2. KRS Two
3. Bob X. Cursion
4. Freedom Beach


Check out more pictures of Constant Elevation opening for Shelter at Saint Vitus last year:

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