Iconic East Village dive (and former venue) Continental held its "Last Night" party on December 15 but it turns out it wasn't literally the last night, as it stayed open, slinging cheap shots through the end of 2018. Looks like New Year's Eve was the real final night, EV Grieve notes, as the neon sign came down and owner Trigger taped a farewell message to the door:

Our time together at Continental has come to an end. The bars and clubs that we all frequent, often means so much more than just a place to have a drink. Relationships are formed and sometimes flourish or sometimes run their course and these establishments are merely neutral house to all of these possibilities. And more often than not there just a place to have fun and shared experiences.

When an owner is extremely lucky his staff becomes a family and by that measure alone I’ve been the luckiest bar owner in the world. So thank you for these 27 years. The friendships, the live music, the dive bar phase, and all of the ups and even the downs were all part of this incredible journey. I’m deeply grateful...Trigger

Trigger has a couple of post scripts, the first being the possibility he'll be opening up another place nearby. "PS stay tuned. We’re going to take some much-needed time off and then look to open up something in the very same neighborhood!" As a PSS, he also writes "I’d like to share the most profound thing I’ve learned all of these years The Customer is always WRONG!"

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