Punk anomalies The Armed recently launched the “Apocalypse Song” project in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, for which they provided an unfinished rough mix of a new song and allowed you to download the finals and finish it yourself, and now they’ve spearheaded another self-isolation project, ISOLATE/CREATE. It’s “a free resource that provides creatives (and fans in general) with access to digital assets to spark creativity and inspire digital collaboration, all while still practicing responsible social distancing and helping to flatten the curve,” and right now it features “stems, full multitrack sessions and artwork files” from not just The Armed but also Converge, Chelsea Wolfe, La Dispute, Pelican, Slow Mass, Dead Cross, Wear Your Wounds, Planet B, and Deaf Club. And more is still to come. They say, “We hope to keep going with semi-regular updates from even more contributors to help all of us stay busy and creative on our own, together.”

Check out the projects and learn more about each one HERE.