Ever since Minus the Bear broke up, we have been hoping that Botch would reunite. And as Lambgoat points out, the latest update is that vocalist Dave Verellen said on the Peer Pleasure podcast that he "would love" to do a Botch reunion, but that "the odds are really low." "There's lots of reasons to do it, and there's also reasons not to do it, and I guess eventually that won out," he said. Meanwhile, if they do end up reuniting and need a drummer, Converge's Ben Koller has offered:

Update: maybe the job isn't actually available:

Botch drummer Tim Latona was the only member to not continue a music career after Botch broke up. Dave Verellen went on to front Narrows, Dave Knudson went on to play guitar in Minus the Bear (who broke up in 2018), and Brian Cook went on to play bass in Russian Circles and Sumac (who announced a new album today).

For more Botch, we recently posted a live video from 1997.


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