Copenhagen punks Halshug will release their third album Drøm (translated to "dream") on July 19 via Southern Lord (pre-order physical or digital), and we're premiering opening track/second single "Kӕmper Imod." Guitarist Mathias Schønberg tells us:

["Kӕmper Imod" is] a song about losing. The title translates to ‘resisting’ or ‘fighting back’ but the lyrics are defeatist as hell. Back when crust-punk was big there was often a sense of resist-to-exist kind of encouragement in the music – there is none of that in this one. This song is about being tied down and not having any agency. It’s about failing to resist. Fun fact though: I’m not sure if anyone can tell, but the guitar part was heavily inspired by a Smashing Pumpkins song.

It's true that Smashing Pumpkins probably isn't the first band you'll think of when you hear "Kӕmper Imod," but that is indeed a fun fact! "Kӕmper Imod" is a dark, heavy punk ripper with the gloom of deathrock and the ferocity of hardcore, and Halshug are very good at this kind of thing. Check it out below.

Halshug Drom

1. Kæmper Imod
2. Dø Igen
3. Fantasi
4. Giv Alting Op
5. Spejl
6. 02.47
7. Tænk På Dig Selv
8. Ingen Kontrol
9. Et Andet Sted
10. Illusion

Halshug -- 2019 Tour Dates
9/07/2019 Vaterland - Oslo, NO
9/12/2019 1000Fryd - Aalborg, DK
9/13/2019 Radar - Aarhus, DK
9/14/2019 Stengade - København, DK
9/20/2019 Kulturhuset - Gøteborg, SE
9/27/2019 Plan B - Malmø, SE
9/28/2019 Hus 7 - Stockholm, SE

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