Though there were no issues with the early TWIABP show at Palisades Friday night (6/10), the late party was shut down early after cops stormed in, as you can see in this Twitter video:

Juliana Huxtable & Mike Q, Celestial Trax and Tygapaw were all scheduled to perform, and Celestial Trax did get some time in:

The venue has since announced that they'll be closed for a few days, and all remaining Northside Festival shows at the venue are cancelled (and/or being moved), including the daytime one that was supposed to start at noon today.

Stay tuned for more details

Lots of drama this Northside! First Black Bear Bar shows were moved, then Good English was booted. Bichkraft just cancelled their three shows, and now this! At least there hasn't been any rain.... yet.

Check out our Northside Guide for more good show options, and stay tuned for more photos of the drama-free early Palisades show last night! Meanwhile here are two from our Instagram:

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