cancelling dates up through Halloween for "safety" reasons,
Corey Feldman has now canceled the remaining six dates of his "Angelic 2 Core" US fall tour:

As for the being called on by God, Corey appears to be talking about his TRUTH Campaign to out pedophiles from within the Hollywood industry via a documentary that he's currently trying to raise $10 million for by crowdfunding. Having appeared on NBC's TODAY Show earlier this week, on Wednesday (11/1) he contributed to NBC's THINK site, talking further about the subject:

Let’s be clear: I wish I was not here right now. This is something that everybody keeps missing. They think I somehow want to be turning my life upside down. I was in the middle of a very successful tour with my band and our new album. My music, my brand — that is my life. I have spent so much time and energy on that project. I can’t emphasize this enough.

Instead, I had to stop everything. But God chooses when these things happen, not me. This was God’s choice, and God gave me a very clear message: I must stand up. I must do something. I must use my voice to call attention to this problem at this time. And when God calls, you cannot ignore that call.

About the movie, he says, "If I don’t raise all the money I am asking for, I am still going to make the movie. This isn’t all or nothing, this is about creating the best and most honest product that I can, as seen from my perspective and no one else’s." Read the whole piece here.

Some have questioned Feldman's intentions with the film, including Corey Haim's mother, Judy Haim, who called it a "long con." Feldman emphasized on Twitter that naming names is not contingent on meeting his $10 goal, while asking people to contribute: