Cornershop are back with their first album in eight years. It's titled England is a Garden and is out March 6 via the band's Ample Play Records. The record does not include last year's "Double Denim Nights," but does offer up 12 new tracks including first single "No Rock: Save in Roll." With a bluesy, Stones-y riff, it's an ode to the guitar, spruced up with a little sitar and tabla as you might expect from Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres. You can watch the fun, nostalgic video below.

Let's hope we get Cornershop in the U.S. for this record -- their 2010 tour (which was to have been their first in eight years then) ended up getting canceled.

England is a Garden tracklist:
1 St Marie Under Canon
2 Slingshot
3 No Rock: Save In Roll
4 Everywhere That Wog Army Roam
5 King Kongs
6 Highly Amplified
7 England Is A Garden
8 Cash Money
9 Morning Ben
10 I'm A Wooden Soldier
11 One Uncareful Lady Owner
12 The Holy Name

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