Richmond doomers Cough have announced a new album and shared a new song. The album, called Still They Pray, was produced by Electric Wizard's Jus Oborn and comes out June 3 via Relapse. The new song is called "The Wounding Hours," and you can stream it below.

"The Wounding Hours" hits all the sweet spots that you want from a doom band. An eerie organ track overlays the slow, dirge, while a winding lead guitar lends minor-key heft to the crushing dirge. The band, newly equipped with the Electric Wizard seal of approval, wears the influence proudly, but work with a distinct emotional palette. They sound like the Wizard's equally psychedelic, less evil, slightly sadder cousin. All said, this is one of the more distinct doom songs you're likely to hear these days, so give it a listen and check out the new album tracklist below.


Cough — Still They Pray Tracklistr
1. Haunter Of The Dark
2. Possession
3. Dead Among The Roses
4. Masters Of Torture
5. Let It Bleed
6. Shadow Of The Torturer
7. The Wounding Hours
8. Still They Pray

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