Nashville's Courtesy Drop were one of the most underrated bands of the early 2010s emo revival, with a very appealing sound that pulled from the power-poppy emo/punk of '90s bands like The Promise Ring and Knapsack and also worked in a climactic post-rock side. They released two albums and an EP between 2011 and 2014 and then quietly disappeared for the remainder of the decade. Now they're back, and they've just released the EP/mini-album Argonaut on Head2Wall Records, their first release for the label and first release in nearly seven years.

Argonaut picks up right where 2014's Stabilize left off, but Courtesy Drop learned a few new tricks in the past seven years too. It goes even further in the atmospheric direction of Stabilize, sounding kind of like a cross between The Appleseed Cast and the whole Hum-gaze thing. They also haven't lost their knack for punchy hooks, as opener "Operation Meteor" proves. The emo scene looks a lot different now than it did the last time Courtesy Drop released music, but they remain a crucial band and Argonaut sounds as good in 2021 as their first three records did in the early '10s. Listen for yourself below.


Courtesy Drop


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